Monday, February 4, 2013

Why is it so hot in the winter?

I went to buy a pair of transition lenses yesterday. I feel like such an adult, getting a new pair of glasses without waiting for my current pair to break. I feel a real need for a pair of sunglasses for site because it can get really bright and I am outside a lot. The site foreman says he's never seen a site like this one in his 30 years of experience. Not sure why I am always so lucky like this, doing things that normal people might not ever get a chance to do. Sigh... Site staff at government sites don't need to do routine inspections and deal with contractual stuff at the same time like I do. Sometimes I really feel out of my depth.

I was back at the office again this past Sunday to work on a different project. The office security guard was like, "Is it better now? Didn't see you yesterday." I was not impressed. I was, in fact, climbing all over the site on Saturday inspecting a ton of holes. That's what I do these days, inspect holes. There are 6 drilling rigs on site right now and I cannot spend more than an hour in my cabin before having to go out to inspect something. The contractor's project engineer was like, "this is not working out. Maybe we should move our offices up to the higher platforms and just sit there." The special part of this site is that it is on the side of a very steep slope. So they have erected a ton of steel and bamboo scaffolding everywhere. Everyday, I have to go up and down these temporary stairs. I think I'll get used to them soon but they are still scary because you can see the bottom while going up the stairs. When I first arrived, I remember wondering why the foreman walks around with his head down. Now I understand that you have to look where you put your feet, otherwise you will definitely trip over something.

I think I have definitely lost weight since going to site. I weighted myself at the gym on Sunday and was really surprised. I have been bringing my own lunch, which consists of a sandwich for the past couple of weeks. This got boring so I am trying to think of ways to change it up. I am also stocking up on some granola bars because I usually get really hungry again at around 3 or 4pm. I have also been sleeping more.

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