Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Left work at a decent time!

Finally got the submission that I've been working on since getting back out! Still felt like it was really rushed though. I really feel that it could be much better with more time to think things through and try things out. These days our submissions are so rushed that I'm afraid to try anything. Once you go down one road, you have to stick with it because there's no time to turn back. Anyway, I felt like we did silly things the first time around so I took a bit more time this time around to fix things up. There are still things that I'm not too comfortable with but those are minor.

With this thing out of the way, I can go back to doing more coordination work. Went to a coordination meeting on Monday and felt like I really don't know how to coordinate with architects or people external to the company. It's so much harder. With internal people, in the end, you're one company and people won't deliberately blame you for something. But when you have people from all over, you don't necessarily know what people's intentions and motivations are so you need to be careful with covering your own back. Anyhow, just need to figure out how to play this game.

The company's annual dinner is this Saturday. Should be fun to see everyone and have a nice dinner. It's unfortunate that the Annual Dinner conflicts with the Inner Challenge. Very low participation in the Inner Challenge this year. Hopefully the participation will go back up next  year. I feel like we had a good tradition with high participation from the geotech team going. Going to Shenzhen on Sunday with a friend. Should be a fun weekend.

It's almost Christmas! I've booked flights to Taiwan with some friends. They want to go cycling down the length of the the island but that's too intense for me. It sounds like it might be cold and raining. I don't want to take too many days off either so I think I'll just be going to Taipei and Hualien with them where they will start on this long bike ride.

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