Sunday, November 18, 2012

Back at the office

Getting back into the swing of things at the office. Things are busy as always. The Simply Life restaurant still hasn't opened yet at the mall, which is disappointing. Coworkers are happy to see me back. We still haven't moved yet. Most of the new furniture are have arrived and people seem to be making good use of the empty spaces for reviewing and amending drawings and such.

Met up with a former coworker from SF who is now working in Indonesia yesterday. She seems to be doing well. She went back to Indonesia to help with her family's company, which is a specialist foundations contractor. And since the construction industry is booming in Indonesia, things are going well for contractors like her. She still thinks highly of Arup as a company and suggested that we can work together. I wish I were in a position to make that happen. I don't think Arup has a very big presence in Indonesia and would definitely need people with local connections. I would feel much better with someone like her as our contractor. We ate at the Tim Ho Wan in HK Station because they did the in-town check-in there. We walked around the IFC a bit and just chatted until it was time for them to get going to the airport.

Afterwards, I took the ferry to Discovery Bay on impulse. That was a bad idea because I felt sick as soon as the ferry started moving. Luckily, the ride was only 30 minutes and I managed to coax myself to sleep. Discovery Bay is a very interesting neighborhood with mostly (almost all?) expats. The demography is very different from the rest of HK! It's very quite there with a large plaza area. They even have their own beach. There are only golf carts on the roads and seems like a very good place for families. Kids ride around on bikes and it's much less crowded than the rest of HK. I think I can afford one of the older apartments there if I had someone to share it with. It would also be a decent amount of space. But it's too far out. There is a bus connection to Tung Chung and the airport but would probably have to take the ferry a lot to get to anywhere else.

Running a 10K next weekend. Totally out of shape.

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yalu said...

Whoa running a 10K! That is exciting.. I will let you know how sore I am after this race on Thurs.