Monday, July 23, 2012

Rain, rain, please stay

2nd T8 this year and it's also hitting after work hours. This one was a little better since it started storming really hard early afternoon. I was supposed to go to a meeting at 4pm and it just didn't look possible. Shortly before lunch, the Observatory posted warnings about an upcoming T8 in the evening. Lunch time was spent discussing the meaning of "evening".

I left work at around 6pm (!!) and spent some time in the really hectic grocery store downstairs. It seemed like everyone was stocking up for the night. Got home a little past 7pm, which is very early for me, especially for a Monday. I managed to cook dinner, watch some Conan episodes, napped, played games on the iPad, and even get some work done. I brought a report home with me. No need to worry about not having enough things to do in my little apartment if I ever decide to get home early.

Got my hair straightened again yesterday. It took 3 hrs. The place was okay overall. I will have to wait another day or two and wash my hair to find out the actual quality of their work. I felt that the apprentice at the place was very careless. The actual hair guy was a lot better. They were very busy though. Lots of customers.

They are also right next to a pizza place that sells large slices of pizza. I was thinking about this pizza for the entire 3 hrs. I went there afterwards for a slice. It was so good! The bread was freshly made. You can see the bread rising in the backroom. The actual pie was freshly baked.

This storm seems fairly intense. Hope it lasts until tomorrow!

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