Saturday, August 11, 2012

Recent events

I just finished cleaning my work space at work. Managed to clear up some desk space for myself. I'm spending way too much time in the office these days. I think the last time I was not at the office was when I went on vacation to Guilin. We have so many submissions these days that it's just non-stop all the time. Back when I was interning in the US, I had heard about investment banking people working like crazy. I didn't understand how you can work so much and still be productive.

I feel like our end products don't really show the amount of effort and time we put into them. Some things just take a lot of time to put together. And we need to iterate a bunch of times to get it right. So even though the concepts and ideas are simple, it still takes a lot of time to get things together.

Last week, a friend was in town and I managed to have a couple of dinners with her. Both times I had to push back when we would be meeting because I was still busy at work. Can't believe I was so busy on a Friday night and Sunday morning that I couldn't get away from the office. We were supposed to go to the beach and mall on Sunday. But then she got bitten by some bug and her leg looked like it needed medical treatment. So I ended up visiting her at her grandparents' place.

I have another friend visiting this week. Hopefully we can manage to meet up. I'm hoping that I can have a some chill days after I get this submission out the door.

I feel bad for my supervisor. He's had to pick up a lot of the slack and do things that he hasn't had to do in years. His staff on this particular job are all too fresh to know what they are doing. For example, he spent the entire day today (Saturday) amending a set of drawings. I think I can take care of things like that but I'm busy working on a different part of the project. The rest of the kids might be able to take care of things but would need a lot of help and input. So he ended up doing things himself. If the project wasn't as rushed, we would have just let the new kids take their time to figure out things on their own. Can't learn without making mistakes. So clearly this is not an optimal situation for any of us...

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