Saturday, July 21, 2012

Random updates

Been leaving the office at really unhealthy times the past few weeks. Last night (Friday), I left at around 8pm, which can be considered early, and went to the Dragon Centre (mall) near where I live. I ate at a burger joint, which was okay. The burger was definitely big and juicy but the bun was super big and fluffy. I feel like the bun should sit within the patty and not cover it like a hat. I walked around the mall a little bit afterwards and got pretty big ice cream cone for $10 HKD.

I woke up this morning (Saturday) thinking that it was already Sunday. This is purely because I was able to do things outside of work the night before. Usually my bit of entertainment is limited to what I can fit in before I arrive at the office on Saturday. Very sad. I feel like I should be able to get back to my apartment at a decent time and do other stuff.

Got a bit of studying done for the PE exam today. I took over a meeting room and studied for 3 hrs before doing work stuff. I used my iPad as a big clock so that I didn't slack off. I also set an alarm for every hour. I feel like I tend to waste a lot of time on Saturdays.

Getting my hair straightened again tomorrow. Another Groupon deal. Hopefully this place is okay. The last place was very good but I think it would be very expensive without a coupon.

I'm really looking forward to watching an upcoming movie, Recall. It comes out in the US next week but the HK release isn't until early August. I just got the short story that the movie is based on as an epub. Looking forward to using my Kobo again and reading sci-fi!

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yalu said...

argh since I haven't been blogging I haven't been keeping up with yours either! I don't like too much bun either - there's a delicate balance in all sandwiches/burgers!