Friday, February 10, 2012

Wanted to share this: Very happy for you two!!

Had another very busy and intense week. I think my legs finally stopped being sore on around Thursday. It has difficult to have to go buy takeout for 6 people by myself on Monday. I somehow managed to walk down the couple of steps without spilling all the drinks. I had my doubts though. 

I think everyone on our floor looks at our team with a kind of awe because of how hard we work. Definitely not a good thing. There is a lot of stressful moments during the work day and a lot of unhappy complaining later at night. I feel like my ears and nose are not used to having glasses on them for so long each day. I don't know how we always end up being in a rush to push out submissions. This whole submission process is such a hassle. I guess it does make you appreciate the entire design process because your design gets reviewed by several external people who may look at your assumptions with different concerns and considerations. It's a very time consuming process to argue with the government engineers and working out a "compromise" on every little issue and then having to incorporate the comments and changes into your design. This week, there was some massive rescuing of submissions going on in our team. Apparently the turnover is very high for our team. 

One of the guys has been trying to get his project approved for months now and the last two days were epic. He was supposed to return his submission on Thursday afternoon but had to keep pushing it back until they finally settled on Friday morning. So he was in the office until 3 or 4am Thursday night/Friday morning. I wish I could have helped out more but I had my own submission to rescue and it didn't really make sense for me to jump in in such late stage. Anyway, they were still printing and running around Friday morning. I don't think the meeting went well and he had to bring everything back to the office to fix and returned it in the afternoon. I gave him a couple of hours of my time in the afternoon but he still got back late. The submission is still in limbo. Such a scary process if you don't know how to navigate it right.

I finished reading the Hunger Games series. I think the first book was the best. The second and third kind of dragged on in some parts. I mean, there's a lot of action but I still found that it got kind of dull as far as the direction of the entire plot. I guess I was expecting the main character to do more of the strategic work instead of unwittingly being a symbol of the rebellion. But I guess it provides depth for the main character and makes the story unique. There are a lot of loose ends that weren't tied up at the end though. Maybe the author is saving room for future works. 

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