Sunday, February 12, 2012

Typical Sunday

My scale says I'm too fat. So I'm starting a fruit diet. Or at least, make an attempt to eat more fruit and less of other junk. Having said that, I still need to finish the two tubes of potato chips that I bought recently. They are Pringles wanna-be's and not very good. Maybe I should give them away instead... Anyway, I bought a lot of fruit at the wet market today. I really enjoy going to the wet market. Things are so cheap and I feel like I'm getting very good value for my money there. I never spend more than $100 ($50?) and always end up with a heavy load of groceries.

After buying a lot of stuff and picking up laundry, I headed to HK Island again. I redeemed the last of my pasta Groupons. I have not bought a Groupon for a while. I think I was over zealous about them at first. Now I find it to be a hassle to go redeem them. Too much planning ahead involved. Of course, I can't waste a trip to the Island so I headed to Pacific Place to watch a movie. Festival Walk (where I work) and Pacific Place are the only malls with AMC theaters. You get 10% off at AMC theaters just for using a HSBC credit card. I got tickets for The Lady even though there were only front row seats left again. I even went there 2 hours ahead!

Pacific Place is too sterile and gloomy for my taste. There didn't seem to be very many customers. The mall is underground so there are no windows. Even the skylights don't let very much light in. Such an opposite feeling than that of Festival Walk. I'm so glad the designers of Festival Walk did with natural lighting in mind. I really dislike places without windows and outdoor space. I managed to find a very nice cafe, the Petit Cafe, on top of the mall though. It's a really nice little place with decently priced drinks and pastries. Both the indoor and outdoor seating areas are very nice. I'm so glad I found that place. I got a coffee, chocolate fudge brownie, and grapefruit juice. I'm definitely going back there if I'm ever on the Island again. Maybe after a hike or something.

The Lady was a good movie. It showed less of the actual political stuff than I expected/wanted. I wanted to understand more about the history and recent history of Burma. I did some cooking and cleaning after I got back. The weekend is so short!

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yalu said...

I know, weekends feel so short! What is a wet market?