Sunday, February 19, 2012

Is it spring now?

I think I'm going to make it a habit (or at least try to) go hiking every Sunday until it gets too hot. I have a feeling that it will get too hot very quickly. I feel like I've missed winter somehow. I walked the Eagle's Nest trail today. It was a fairly easy walk and I took my time. There were a lot of nice rock outcrops that were great to sit on and snack. There were a fair number of other people on the trail, at least the part that was also a part of the Maclehose trail. I'm thinking about doing the part of the Maclehose trail that goes to Lion's Rock sometime soon. There's a rock that's supposed to look like a lion. There's also a trail that goes over the mountain and puts me in Shatin afterwards. I like ending up in convenient places.

I feel like my finger nails grow very fast. The last time I cut them was the last time I blogged, a week ago.

I got more fruit today. I think I'm going to continue this bringing fruit to the office thing and eating around 6-7pm regardless of whether we end up eating dinner at work or not.

This past week was interesting. My supervisor was really busy because one of the guys was on vacation to study for his geotechnical exam. He still came back pretty much every day to the office to help out and such though. I think he only ended up taking 1 day's worth of holiday. Anyway, I ended up having to do some of his stuff and unfortunately, on the day I need help the most, the guy I usually help out was sick. That was a really sad day. Don't know what I would do if they weren't around... On Friday, just as I was about to leave at 8pm (even turned off my email), my supervisor asked me to help out with this proposal for an internal research project. I was kind of annoyed because he had been talking about it all wee but just hasn't managed pass it off. The deadline was Friday night (London time) so we technically still had a few more hours. I finished the proposal after dinner. It didn't actually take very long and halfway through writing the first section, I had a pretty good feeling they will fund the project. Not sure when anyone would have time to work on this type of extracurricular activity though.

On Saturday, I went back to the office to look at topics for the PE exam. There are a lot of random topics. Some of them I really have no clue what to do with. I made a study plan and allotted 4 hours of studying time every week. I think that should be sufficient if I actually stick with the plan. I think I'll probably be all set with the geotechnical part. Nothing special there except maybe using US customary units and a random AASHTO criteria or two. So I actually think I allotted too much time in that category and will probably shift some of that to seismic and surveying.

I started re-reading the Ender's Game/Ender's Shadow series. I found out that there are new books out for the series and want to read them all again. I really like the Shadow series. I'm finishing up the first book now and for some reason, my Kobo has gotten really slow. I think I need to reset the thing after I finish this book. I hope it's not broken because I really like this thing. So light. I can even take it hiking and read on top of some outcrop on a mountain.

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