Thursday, September 29, 2011

Typhoon lockdown

Had an unexpected day off from work! Today was a typhoon signal number 8. There are 10 levels total, with 1 being the weakest and 10 being the strongest. When it gets up to 8, then all businesses basically shut down. This is the first one of the year. Level 8 doesn't actually mean the typhoon is hitting HK, it just has to do with the wind speeds. Last night, the warnings got up to No. 3 and I totally wasn't expecting a No. 8. But then I woke up and saw that one of my former coworkers had a facebook status about the famous "HK wall/force field" being ineffective. I was expecting one of my coworkers to call me but none of them did. Thought they would care more, but I guess not!

Anyway, I didn't end up doing much. I mostly read a lot, took care of a couple of small things, cleaned a bit, and moped around the house until I couldn't take it anymore. I went outside for lunch and most things were closed. I went to the mall nearby and luckily, some places were opened in the food court. The rain wasn't too bad actually. The rain and wind were intermittent. It seemed like the storm was very uneven and moving very fast. There were a few times when it rained so much that I couldn't see the street across from me though. I came back after lunch to see if the No. 8 was still up. At some point, I figured that even if it got lowered, I wouldn't be going back to work, so I went out again. This time, I went to TST, hoping to find a good spot to sit down, read, and watch the waves. Nearly all of Habour City (big mall in TST) was closed. The Starbucks was open and I ordered a mint mocha and a chocolate dome. The chocolate dome was not very good. It consists of mousse, a bit of cake, some rice crispy things, and sugary covering. Definitely did not have as much chocolate as I thought it would. Mint mocha was very good though.

I was happily reading from my Kobo when it ran out of juice. That thing needs a better battery indicator! I feel like this always happens. Either it runs out of battery or the book expires. How disappointing. I went for a walk around the mall and then went out to one of the piers. The clouds were moving very fast, the air was super humid, and the water was very choppy. There were other people there as well but at some point, a security guard came to herd us away.

Back to work tomorrow...

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