Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday happenings

This was the first Sunday in a while where I stuck around the neighborhood. Got up at 11am this morning due to getting back late the night before. I had thought about going into the office but ended up having too many errands to run.

By the time I finished chatting with Y and family, it was nearly 2pm. I dropped off a lot of laundry and went to pay rent. I've been here for 4.5 months now! I think I have a pretty good idea at this point of how much I make and how much I use each month. I think I can definitely make enough in overtime pay to pay rent every month. It's not very difficult given the current workload.

I walked by a bakery on my way to pay rent and saw some really delicious looking egg tarts. I made a mental note to myself to stop by on my way back. But when I got there after paying rent, there were no more egg tarts. I was really sad and then I realized that this meant that the next batch was coming. So I waited around and indeed, there was a new batch fresh from the oven. They were $5 (HKD) for 3.

I had them for an afternoon snack and then proceeded to clean my apartment. My apartment was in desperate need of cleaning after having a lot of guests. After that, I went to the market to pick up some ingredients for pasta sauce.

Bell peppers from the market.

They went into this pasta sauce:


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yalu said...

Man I saw the tart picture first before reading and thought you made those! Good thinking on the tarts though.