Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More September happenings

Wow, a lot has happened over the past couple of weeks and haven't had the time to blog about it all. I can't believe September is almost over. I've been working for 5 months now! I still remember seeing my blog post count for August (4 posts only) and thinking that it's really sad. September is up to 7 posts so far and this is still below standards for me.

Anyway, I want to continue to with my previous thread of posts about the Mid-Autumn festival fun-ness. The day after the holiday, Wednesday, the friend I was hanging out with (A) was leaving in the afternoon and two other friends (M&A) were arriving in HK that day. So we got A's stuff out of my apartment in the morning. All four of us managed to meet up at Festival Walk for a tiny bit, took a picture, and I went with M&A back to my apartment. My apartment is seriously very small. Somehow it's managed to accommodate a lot of guest. I guess a lot of my friends are travelers and don't really mind. You know they are people who enjoy traveling when they say things like, "oh wells, I guess now I can say I got stuck in traffic in HK. I'm sure it was somewhere on my to-do list!" 

I had a really busy week following the holiday so I didn't really do much with M&A. They went to a lot of places and met up with people by themselves though. I joined them for desert and Temple Street shops Friday and Saturday night. They only stayed until Sunday morning and I had originally planned to hang out with them on Saturday. But it turned out they wanted to go to Macau, which I wasn't too fond of doing. They had this crazy plan of going all over the place, which I didn't approve of. I'm all for going to lots of places but the plan has to make sense, e.g. (a) sticking to the same geographic region and (b) move in a big loop, no crisscrossing. Anyway, it turned out that I had to work that Saturday. 

I managed to go to the gym and then meet up with them afterwards for more souvenir shopping in Temple Street and then visiting the bar on top of the ICC. The bar was on the top floor and had a outdoor bit to it. It was a nice setting but the music was too loud. I really don't understand why bars are always blast their music so loudly. I can't even hear myself think. We ended up staying too long and had to take a taxi back. I don't really like staying at a bar too late and have to take a taxi back. It's so meaningless to sit around in a dark room and having to make such an effort to talk. Anyhow, I slept really late the next day and then spent the day cleaning and such.

I really want to spend this weekend outdoors, chilling somewhere with nature and just read. But there's a typhoon coming by so the outdoor thing will probably not work out. I did buy some Groupon deals for massages so that's in the works for this weekend. My back feels super stiff from sitting around all the time. Just also noticed that next Wednesday is a holiday. Looking forward to that as well.

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docey101 said...

i totally agree on the bar part. well...i don't mind drinks and chatting in a low key bar. bars don't usually blast music like a club, unless it's a lounge and there is a dance floor.
anyway, i don't think you get american cantaloupe in hk, but there is a listeria stay away from them!