Monday, December 20, 2010

random thoughts

My arms are tired from playing the Wii. Don't even want to type now. Some of these Wii Sports things are not that great. Kind of arbitrary as to what happens. The games we ordered should come tomorrow or the next day so that's exciting.

I'm so glad my Discover Card gets me 5% back on travel purchases between Jan-March. I think it's because people usually don't travel or plan their travels during those months. But I always do... Last year, I maxed out the benefits. There's a cap of $800 of purchases. That's a maximum of $40 cash back! The card has different things that you can get 5% cash back every quarter. I might have maxed out this quarter's which is restaurants and fashion. You can get quite a bit of money back if you manage to buy things at the right time. Speaking of which, I should really get rid of my American Express card since I am no longer a frequent flyer of Jetblue. It did come in handy when I was purchasing southeast Asia travel stuff though. Apparently AMEX is favored at select locations.

Argh, this waiting-to-hear-back-from-job-offers thing involves constant checking of emails. Okay, I do it anyway but now there's more suspense. I don't know why things take so long. Don't they have these letters all ready and all you have to do is insert name, salary offer, benefits, and other details? I should really figure out what the HR department really does. I feel like I can learn a lot about how the company functions.


docey101 said...

you have weak arms! hahaha. yup, i logged on just to poke fun at you.

Y said...

Hmm I have 4 frequent flier mile accounts now... Probably enough for a roundtrip combined lol. And my next trip doesn't count towards any of these! Though I guess who knows when I'd need any of these miles next

I'm not actually sure and I think that remains one of the greatest mysteries of large companies. Though to be fair, they travel a lot. Also most places have really competent people, but decisions are made by directors who are busy - so your holdup is probably not that HR hasn't drafted your document, but the person deciding either hasn't decided or told HR

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