Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Third Quarter - Week 2... and the work keeps piling on!

I feel like I haven't blogged in a while. This is not true but time is really dragging by this quarter. I can't believe it's only Tuesday of the 2nd week. It feels further into the quarter already. I guess I don't have that much actual work to do yet but definitely feeling the lack of time. Mostly because I keep going home on the weekends. I can't get any work done at home so it becomes major time crunch when I get back to school.

Got out of work relatively early today. A lot of people are on vacation so I got to (finally) work on my own project. I'm actually writing the report for this thing now. It's really satisfying to be working on my own thing instead of helping other people with their plots and calculations. Granted, other people's projects are usually more interesting but still. I picked up some career books from the business school library. Not sure if they're actually helpful but it's good to be in that mindset of career development, I suppose.

Classes are going pretty well. One lecture class - Poromechanics. One seminar-style class - engineering in geology science. One project class - tsunami evacuation structures for Padang. And one actual seminar - infrastructure and risk. Poromechanics will get hard very soon. The geology class is interesting and shouldn't been very much work. Tsunami project is an ongoing thing. Work will never end for this. The infrastructure seminar seems interesting and not very much work at all. I think part of the reason why I feel stressed is because of this project class. Work for it never ends so it's not like you can read ahead or anything. But it's a good project so I'm okay with it.

Running Bay to Breakers soon! I'm excited. But I really need to get back into shape. Don't want to be in too much pain after the race... haha.


yalu said...

what is poromechanics?

X said...

When I was in France, there was a book about poromechanics which was authored (or coauthored?) by Professor Ulm.