Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rain and more rain

Long post – written on the Caltrain

I stepped out of my apartment this morning totally unprepared for the rain. I was wearing khaki colored pants, non-waterproof shoes, and did not have an umbrella. This is really sad because I have 3 umbrellas. I did manage to get up without feeling totally out of it. I’m surprised that I’ve been able to wake up at 6:15am Tuesdays and Thursdays and feel awake. Or maybe it’s just because I have too much on my to-do list.

Saving the world is hard work. I wish I could do more but I just don’t have the time. I’ve been putting a lot of energy into this Indonesia thing. And because of that, I haven’t been involved with Splash at all. And they managed to get buses this year. I wish I could’ve helped out with that because I’ve been wanting to organize buses for the Oakland schools. We had a lot of problems with the kids on the buses not pre-registering. I think had I been more involved, I could’ve gone to the schools and helped them pre-register. Or at least make announcements about pre-registering. Also, I could’ve been working with another group on campus to start a D-Lab-like thing in China. I think I could’ve made a lot of progress with that. Too bad I’m only staying at Stanford for such a short time.

After getting off the train, I went to a nearby Walgreens to get passport photos taken. They’re so expensive but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t want the hassle of doing them yourself. Anyway, finally feeling like I’m making some effort towards this trip.

Still looking for someone to say commit to subletting my place. I think grad student housing is definitely a great choice for people doing research or internship here. It’s furnished and everything’s included in the rent. There’s even high speed internet.

I got a couple of boxes from the office today. The office ordered a bunch of really nice boxes for the office move. They had everyone who’s moving pack all their stuff, stick labels on them, and had movers come in to move everything. I wasn’t there for the massive move but everything was all set up at my new desk today. They moved the actual computers and phones too. Hopefully I can grab a few more before they put the boxes away. They’re really nice boxes. I think I have time though because people seem to be taking their time in unpacking. Everyone has a ton of junk that they never use and seem to be content with them staying in boxes.

I’m going to book some flights later this week. Maybe after I finish my take-home midterm tonight? Hopefully I’ll finish tonight… Wednesdays and Thursdays are supposed to be the best days to look for flights. So maybe I should wait… I need to keep an eye out for good flights though. There are too many options of where to fly from and to. Maybe I should make a spreadsheet with departure airport, arrival airport, price, stops, total duration of flight, time of departure and arrival. So many factors!! Can’t leave too early, can’t arrive too late


X said...

Hm... I should figure out when I am visiting you..

I'm trying to sublet my place too but there's so many people trying to do that and I don't there's that many people here over the summer...

yalu said...

Ahh, supply and demand. Yes, X needs to figure out when she is coming. But I think you'll definitely be there when she comes.

Passport pics are expensive if you think about how much work they actually do. I did my pics by myself though, just need to do the app sometime...