Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I've been playing SimCity. City planning is tough business. Planning a city with good public transit is even harder. In fact, none of my cities have any public transit yet. Wasn't in the plan... I used to play a similar game called Caeser where you get to build an ancient Roman city. My city always failed due to bankruptcy. I think I'm faring better now with SimCity but it's still tough. An interesting dilemma that I've been noticing is that you always want to get wealthy people to live in your city. So what happens to all the poor people? Did they move out? Or did everyone get a better education, better healthy, and naturally get richer?

Anyway, right now I'm attempting to run 3 cities at a time. But my mainly industrial city is failing really badly. Probably because I gave in and decided that I needed some residents in this city rather than try to get people to work there from my residential city. The industrial city is running on a really large deficit, has a lot of air pollution because of the coal factory, and all the water sources are polluted. So... life is not good for those Sims...

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yalu said...

So seems like there are a lot of jobs for urban planners as well. Also a need for people to raise money for these transit projects huh? ;-) wink wink.

What version of Sim City are you doing?

Also I am commenting from the next decade...the FUTURE. Maybe I can come back and tell you how your city looks like from there. Hehe. Hopefully less polluted.