Friday, December 18, 2009

Pictures and Memories

One of the things I want to do this break is to organize my picture and stamp collections. I think the picture collection is a lot easier than stamps.

Most of my pictures from the last four years are still in a box. Actually, they're in scattered everywhere in bunches. The last four years, I've ordered a lot of pictures and had most of them sent home. But there were ones that I wanted to keep in smaller albums, taped to walls, and in other random places. I was just going through the France trip pictures when I realized I have another pile of France pictures somewhere else. I like to put the pictures in the album in some sort of organized way so this is turning into a big project. So many memories! I guess I haven't done this in the past because I end up spend hours reminiscing about the past. Sometimes I get caught up in thinking about regrets.

Speaking of pictures, I think I need to take more pictures. It's been one quarter now and all I have are pictures of places and pictures from the camping trip. I need to get some pictures from some people but I don't think there are very many.

The stamp collection is an entirely different matter. I have boxes upon boxes of stamps that need to be put into albums. I guess I have time to undertake such a project. But I think I need to find where I stashed all my stamp supplies first...

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