Thursday, December 3, 2009

Assembly Required Toys

This article is so funny. It's about toys today that require assembly and all these parents complaining that they're too hard. There's even a mention of a store that will assemble these types of toys for you for a fee. I tend not to buy any toys that does not require assembly for my brother and cousins. I think these parents just need to find toys that are appropriate for their kid's abilities, teach them how to read directions, and slowly increase the difficulty of the assembly-required toys. It'll be better for the kids ultimately. I mean, who plays with action figures anyway?

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yalu said...

Apparently a lot of kids play with action figures since they are immensely popular - I agree that they're not as cool though. It's funny how you've shaped your brothers view though because when he's older he probably will really wonder who plays with action figures anyhow lol