Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Updates: furniture, Hangzhou, work, etc.

I moved another piece of furniture today. Got it off of cragislist when I introduced one of my coworkers to the website. I needed another place to store clothes as my drawers are really full. I think this definitely ends my furniture buying. Bringing it back was a bit traumatic but I got it back to my place okay. The taxi driver was not too happy but I wasn't going too far. It's a mini-expedia shelf from Ikea. I think the smart thing to do would have been to read the instructions on how to assemble the piece and brought the right set of tools with me so that I could dissemble it. Oh wells, it was able to fit into the elevators and taxi exactly right.

Going to Hangzhou this weekend because one of my friends is there! People should really let me know when they are thinking about going to Asia so that I can plan my vacations properly. This trip worked out okay though. I found a pretty cheap flight. I'm leaving on Friday and coming back on Sunday. Making good use of my Mainland visa before it expires. I'm pretty excited.

Work has been kind of dull. There is not too much going on. I feel like the contractor can really manage the project better. It amazes me how they are able to plan and keep track of the progress without having a good grasp of the actual works. If I were in their position, I would keep close tabs on my subcontractors and know exactly which machines are being used where. Right now, they just depend on the subcontractor and the workers to figure out what to do next. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of planning. I can definitely see how things can be built incorrectly and no one would know until it is too late.

I tried to go to the vigil for the Tienanmen Square incident yesterday at Victoria Park. I live really close to the park now. It's just literally two streets away. I went home to shower and eat first. I wanted to get off at the Tin Hau MTR station but there was a massive line of people going up the escalators. So I ended up going one more stop further. The vigil started at 8pm and at exactly 8pm, it started thunderstorming. Luckily, I was still at home and couldn't believe the how massive the downpour was. I went outside when the rain let up at around 8:30pm but there were just too many people in the park. I couldn't get close at all. I gave up after a while and just watched the news instead. Apparently, you have to show up early to be able to get in.

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yalu said...

Once you finish organizing, I want to see pictures of how much space/how efficient the space is. Definitely very inspiring. I am planning to buy more plastic bins/organizers but since I don't want to move them, I need to wait until after the move.

Pics of dongbo pork also needed!

Man, so many people. I am glad we visited you, I have a much better idea of geography now.