Friday, June 28, 2013

Flight delayed

Flight is delayed for 6 hours due to late takeoff at the origin. The flight we are taking is a transatlantic flight coming from Chicago, stopping in Hong Kong, and then going onwards to Singapore. So I guess they took off from Chicago late. We were all packed, ready, brought all our stuff to work in order to leave straight for the airport. But I guess this is better because I get the chance to come back and shower. It was pretty hot and gross at site today. Also, we were planning on sleeping or hanging out at the Singapore airport after we get there (at around midnight). But with this delay, we'll be getting to Singapore at around 6am. I don't know what we would do there so early but probably just rest a bit and then hit the city. Anyway, I'll take this chance to write a bit about recent events.

Site has been boring these days since all we're doing is piling. And I guess as one of the assistant resident engineers (ARE), I'm not responsible for the big decisions anymore. Following site progress is really a matter of how much you care. You can do more or less. In the end, we're just observers and the contractor is really the responsible party. I prefer to be more on top of things though. And to that end, we've split up the site works so that they are more manageable to follow. Before, we were just taking turns to go out to inspect things but not really following the progress. I feel like as an engineer, I should really know what is happening on a day to day basis.

But starting next week, we will be back down to having only 2 AREs. The girl was was at site to replace me during my vacation stayed for long enough so that she can have a full year of site experience. Now her team wants her back at the office. Or maybe she wants to go back. Anyway, and somehow, they have calculated that we don't need one more ARE on site. It will be busier with only 2 AREs but I think it is still okay. I'm getting kind of bored of site life already though.

I am still working on the research project that my boss and I got funding for from the company. Hopefully I can wrap it all up in July. I wanted to finish everything in June but I ended up working a lot of Saturdays because other people were not available. And it's hard to work on these things at site since there are too many interruptions.

Other than that, I've been enjoying a lot of summer fruits, including lychee. I've been buying a lot of lychee lately. I've found some pretty cheap ones but they usually not as good. There are a lot of fruit stands on the way back from work so I'm always tempted to buy stuff.

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