Monday, December 10, 2012

Sick again

Still sick! Argh, I really thought I was better this morning and met up with a coworker at GEO. But on the bus ride over, I found that I was really out of it. I got to the office, checked some email, unpacked some stuff, and then went home to sleep the entire afternoon. Had the worst headache ever. Anyway, we're supposed to be having a project lunch tomorrow. Hopefully I can make it for that. Another guy on the project is also sick. I wasn't sick the entire first year I was in HK. What's happening now?

Whenever I'm sick, I have this strange craving for steamed buns. The white ones. Especially ones with a ball of meat in the middle. Not the sweet stuff nor the BBQ pork kind but the chicken or pork ones. And it's actually not that easy to find, even where I live in HK. There are very limited shops that sell them and they sell out or close early. There are a lot of bakeries but they all sell baked goods, which just don't appeal to me when I'm sick. Anyway, last time I was sick, in June, I couldn't find these buns at all. Doing a bit better this time since I've discovered a place that makes them. They close early though, mostly doing the morning business and catering to the elderly.

Drinking a lot of tea, which is good because I always want to buy more to try different things and end up having this huge collection.

I dreamt a lot last night, which I haven't done in a while. I think it's sign that I'm finally getting enough (catching up on) sleep. I feel like I only dream when I've already slept the required amount and is sleeping "recreationally". Not sure if this is actually true or not.

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