Saturday, December 8, 2012

Annual Dinner, Shenzhen

Have been feeling kind of low on energy this entire week and finally on Friday, I actually felt sick and went home before lunch. I was actually at the office for a very short amount of time. I stopped by the doctors and got some prescription drugs before getting some food and went to bed. I basically slept the entire Friday. Feeling slightly better today but still not there yet. Probably should have gotten a flu shot.

Maybe last weekend was a little too much excitement. Went to the company's annual dinner, which felt more low key this time around. It might have been because I arrived pretty late and everyone was already seated at tables. Most of the graduates my year are already on site but they still all sat together. I feel like this year's graduates are not as tight. But then again, I didn't get to know people through work but rather, at work activities, like the Inner Challenge and other team gatherings.

Then on Sunday, I went with a friend, JJ, to Shenzhen for the first time. It was pretty easy. We met up at the Kowloon Tong station and took the train to Lokwu, where we crossed the border. JJ had never used the electronic system for getting in and out of HK before. But she's definitely traveled after getting to HK so I wonder what type of people she went with. Anyway, it was drizzling the entire day so we stuck with indoor activities mostly. This consisted of shopping. There's a really big shopping mall right at Lokwu that has lots of little shops selling mostly clothes and shoes. It's a lot like the low end shopping malls in HK except sketchier, less people, and more people smoking. I was not so interested in the clothes. I got some paintings on our way back though. Those are pretty nice. You can get paintings in any size and get them framed right away. I think I will end up collecting a good amount of paintings while I'm here.

We went to a pedestrian street and walked around there. I really like pedestrian streets where you can walk outside and see different things. Got sugarcane! Really happy about that purchase. I must have eaten too much random stuff that day because my tongue got a sore this week. Extremely annoying. Anyway, the entire trip was really easy. I feel like I can go back anytime. I really should make use of my visa. I even got a Shenzhen Tong metro pass, which operates like the Octopus in HK.

I think there are some historical sites and interesting parks in Shenzhen that I would like to check out. But probably need to find some other travel buddy for such an activity because I think JJ is mainly interested in spas and shopping. I find that you definitely get a different experience when you travel with different people who have different interests. Anyway, it's good to have a variety of friends.

Hopefully I'll get better by Monday because I promised one of the guys that I would go with him to GEO in the morning.

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