Sunday, September 23, 2012

2 more weeks!

The iPad is turning out to be a great tool for studying. I can "carry" scanned copies of notes and references around as well as videos. I had the hardest time getting it play Real Media files only to find out that the website where I downloaded it from now offers the videos in MP4. Sigh.. Anyway, I did a good amount of studying this weekend. Really need to hit the practice problems though. For most topics, I really feel like I need to review the basics before going to the practice problems because I just have no clue how to do them. I think I'm okay for geotech. I can just go straight to the problems and start doing them. Because at least I know where to look for the answers even if I don't really know the problem.

One more full week and then we have a 4 day weekend! It's the Chinese National Holiday + Mid-Autumn Festival. We only get one day for the national holiday. I think people in the Mainland get the entire week. Looking forward to getting lots of studying done during those few days. Also need to go buy some souvenirs for people. Any requests?

Last week at work was more sane for me because I got all my stuff out the week before. However, since we were concentrating forces on getting my stuff done, the other part of the project got neglected. We had outsourced it to the structures team upstairs but it turns out they are not very good. I know time is tight and the project is challenging, but it just didn't look like they had the necessary skills to solve the problem. We had to teach them a lot to get them going. Anyway, my supervisor was in a big panic because we kept having to push the deadline. Hopefully this upcoming week will be better since we should be done with getting drawings out for the tender. 

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yalu said...

hehe, you love your ipad!