Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vacation in a week!

Going to Guilin for a long weekend with a friend in a week! Very excited. We're leaving the office early afternoon on Friday and then coming back Tuesday night. Monday is a holiday so we get 4 nights in Guilin and Yangshuo. We're planning on spending 2 nights in each place. So excited for a break from HK. Should have some really nice pictures from this trip.

Work is very stressful these days. So many people leaving our team! We had 3 "last days" in a row last week and more to come. I don't think I've been away from the office for even a day (nevermind an entire weekend) for a month. Last week was okay though. One of the girls who is in between site assignments was around so she was able to help out a lot. I got to work on other projects instead.

I had planned to be away from the office for at least a day this weekend. But I thought about everything I wanted to do this weekend and realized that I had to come back both days. I didn't bother to come back to the office until the evening though so that I would have time to go do some relaxing stuff. I went out to Tung Chung with the intention of going out to Tai O. But the line for the bus was ridiculous. It was also muggy out and looked like it was going to rain. So I just hung out in the outlet mall instead and bought stuff from Esprit. haha.

I also went to see Prometheus, which looked pretty interesting from the trailers. But I was pretty disappointed because I felt like the movie lacked depth, the characters were too stiff, and there was no character development whatsoever. Everyone in the movie seemed to have their own "agenda" but you never  get to find out what they were or what their motivations were. I felt like the storyline had a lot of potential but tried to do too many things at once. It would have been more interesting to actually focus more on the motivations behind one of the individuals instead of scratch the surface for everyone. Anyway, might go see the new Spiderman movie in IMAX. Also, Total Recall seems like an interesting Matrix type movie.

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yalu said...

haha, I'm glad you are seeing movies! man, this post is from a really long time ago.. (I have been MIA for the last week or so) so I guess you have already gone? that means we can skype this weekend and you can tell me how it went? and pictures! I haven't seen any yet!