Sunday, May 9, 2010

Squrriels, Grad Formal, and Meaning of Life

Woah, I really thought I blogged mid-week. Well then, highlights of the week. This past week was relatively okay since one of my professors was out of the country and we didn't have his class the whole week. We've been spending a ton of time trying to do the homework that's due tomorrow though. I'm still working on it... not used to having 2 assignments due on the same day anymore.

I finally succeeded in subletting my place! After a hundred or so emails I finally got someone to commit to the place. I got a deposit and everything. So it looks like things will work out. I relieved not to have to trade emails and such with people anymore. This renting business is hard work!

I saw the saddest thing Tuesday morning. First of all, I missed the shuttle I normally take by half a minute. I saw it leave. While on the next bus, I saw a squirrel laying in the middle of the road, clearly dead. It was stretched out, laying on its stomach, tail flat on the ground. This happens all the time on campus, cars run them over because there are just too many. But the sad part is that there was a 2nd squirrel in front of the dead one, looking at it and trying to figure out what's going on. As we were approaching on the bus, the squirrel turned to look at us and was confused as to whether he should run away or stay with the dead squirrel. So sad. Just like a scene in the movies, except with squirrels.

I think I need to eat more protein. This doesn't seem to be a common problem. Most people are trying to eat less. But I don't think I get enough, especially since I run. I am totally going to be in pain after Bay to Breakers. Haven't ran 5 miles in forever, nevermind 7.

Friday night, some of us went out to dinner with a 2nd year who's leaving. He just graduated and is moving to Portland for work. We were causing all sorts of trouble at the restaurant. I swear they wanted to kick us out! I feel like we should've hung out more during the past 2 quarters. And in June, a bunch of the structural people will be graduating.

I think I need to learn to cut down on the small talk. I tend to talk about useless things like the weather and classes all the time. These things really don't matter in the long run. We have discussions about life and society during lunches at work sometimes. It really interesting to see how people think. I think I need to take and apply.

Went to the grad formal last night. I think I was possibly the last person to book tickets online. The formal was Saturday night and I bought the tickets online Saturday morning. I checked the website 2 hours later and they closed the online registration. The venue had a lot of rooms and open space, which was nice. There was a center area with food and drinks, a ballroom where there were dance lessons, and a large room with music and dancing. I spent the entire evening running into people and chatting with various people. I tried out this ballroom thing but the lessons weren't all that great. It would've been better if I had taken the dance class this quarter but I really don't have time for it.

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docey101 said...

my friend who is a runner/athlete eats things like peanutbutter with banana sandwhiches.. oatmeal, and avocado smoothies (also she a vegetarian). and she says that althletes eat a lot!