Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meetings, activities, dinners, etc.

I can't believe it's still so rainy in May. I'm not sure weather.com is a very good weather predictor. But now I've gotten used to using it. One of the guys at work uses BBC. Maybe I should too. Only 2 more weeks at work. 5 days. woah.... time goes by very fast. I think this internship has been satisfying. I've been doing more and more actual work. Not sure if I will have time to work in the fall. I think I will have time to do something in the winter since I would only be taking 5 units worth of classes. Or should I just audit a whole bunch of classes? I really want to know what people are doing after they graduate. I think a whole bunch of people are graduating from my program after this quarter. Don't know where they're headed off to.

I think I need to get more involved in professional societies. I'm in a few: ASCE (GI), SWE, SEAONC (I think?). I think some people are very involved and sit on technical committees and organize events. I think it would be interesting to get involved in a technical committee. Not sure what that would entail. Pretty sure I don't qualify to do the work at this point. Anyway, I'll probably get involved in the Younger Member Forum(s) in the future.

Our visitors from Indonesia arrived today! Yay. There were all sorts of visa problems for them. At first they couldn't get an appointment at the US embassy until June but magic things happened and they are now here! I really need to get on top of this learning Indonesian thing. I sort of stopped because the lessons got harder. Very bad excuse, I know. But some of the lessons don't seem relevant to me. I also wish I had a book that focused more on the grammar. Maybe it's time for another visit to the library?

I told a friend today that I feel like I have too much social life. In addition to going to work tomorrow, I am meeting with a former coworker for lunch, and then going to a SFGI dinner after work. Hopefully, I can get back in time for the Thursday Night Thing at Rains. Then Friday, the department is having capture the flag and happy hour in the afternoon. Saturday and Sunday nights I'm having dinner with people. I will be cooking. This means I need to go grocery shopping sometime on Friday. Oh, and geology field trip on Sunday to some landslide sites.

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