Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pictures of Campus!

The building below is the "GeoCorner." It's one of the buildings on the corner of the main quad. I think there's a Math Corner and History Corner. I don't know what the other one is. The geology department is here and I have a couple of classes on the second floor. It's a pretty nice building overall. I think they're renovating the grad student spaces so there's no good place to hang out. The undergrad lounge is pretty nice though. The computers there are kind of dirty though...

This is not a very good shot of the Mitchell Earth Sciences Building. I don't have classes here but there is a computer lab where I print most of my stuff. The computers there are pretty nice. This building also houses the earth sciences library which I frequent a lot.

This is Wilbur field. It's actually an underground parking lot. The field is pretty big and it's to the right of this. The next picture is a shot of the field from across the field. It's a pretty nice use of space. There are usually people playing frisbee and soccer on the field in the afternoon. There are also BBQ pits. Things like this ensures that I will have a job when I graduate! haha.

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yalu said...

hmm there is an underlying theme in all these pictures. i think it is called blue skies...

remember when we were undergrads and we complained that grad students had all these nice lounges to work and hang out in? I feel like you are getting the rough end of the deal here.