Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hiking Tai Mo Shan

Couple weeks ago, I went hiking up Tai Mo Shan, the tallest peak in Hong Kong. The weather has steadily become warmer and warmer so we thought this would be the last chance before it gets unbearable. We met up in Tsuen Wan station where we got a lot of food and drinks. It took us a while to find the bus station, which was on some kind of expressway. There were a lot of people waiting at the bus stop so we abandoned this plan and hailed a taxi instead. The taxi took us up to the country park. It turns out that the road up to the peak from this side is pretty much all paved and you can taxi it all the way up. Instead we walked along the steep path. The view is really nice. You can see out to the Tai Po area as well as out to Yuen Long. You can also see Shenzhen in the distance.

 There is a nice area with benches at the end of the public road.

The public road ends after the bench area and the climb to the top begins. I think it's foggy up there all the time. At the very top, there is a large weather station that's the property of the HK Observatory. The fog was so dense that you can only see the sphere of the weather station once in a while. At some point, we were couldn't even see the people in front or behind us and only heard their voices.

The walk back down the mountain was really pleasant. I really enjoyed this part. The path was a gentle walk and the surroundings was really pretty. I think this part is one of my favorite hikes in HK so far.

We followed the path to Lead Mine Pass and then out to Tai Po. The part from Lead Mine Pass to Tai Po consisted of a lot of stairs down, which I didn't like as much. When we finally reached the road at the end of the stairs, we were pretty exhausted and it was clear that we were still some distance to the Tai Po Market area. We looked for the minibus but couldn't find where the stop was. Luckily, we found a green taxi and took that into town. 

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