Saturday, March 1, 2014

February - busy, busy

After having a pretty chill January, I am back being extremely busy. These past few weeks have been really, really busy. Basically living in the office again. For some reason, projects always seem to all have stuff happening at the same time. They never seem all calm down at once though.

Our structures team has started another project with the an international school in HK. The school has been looking to redevelop for a while and their applications seem to finally be getting through. It's nice to be working on a new project but I really haven't had the chance to really look at everything. Since we have been the design engineer for this client forever, our job folder is a crazy mess. I spent one day on a weekend reorganizing the entire folder. Now I can finally find things! But my other projects are in the process of being approved and require all my attention.

Our team got some new people lately. One of the new guys is a recent graduate and is supposed to be helping me with this new project. But it's taking a while for him to learn the basics. I guess it takes everyone a while to really get on board. And since I've been pretty busy lately, I haven't had time to really sit down and help him. I expect people to ask questions but he never really has questions. It makes me nervous when people don't ask about major assumptions that they are making when calculating stuff. And I always feel that it takes people a while to get used to working. When you're in school, the expectations and environment is not the same as the working environment. I think that it takes a while for the new graduates to get used to the idea that they're in a working environment and that they have report to someone. Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

Can't wait for the end of March to come. Looking forward to my vacations.

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