Friday, September 20, 2013

Another typhoon

We have another typhoon coming! This one is supposed to be the strongest typhoon this year and it's heading straight for Hong Kong. It's actually the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane right now but it is supposed to get weaker as it comes closer. The projection is that it will be the closest on Sunday. We're likely to get at least a T8 warning, which will hopefully last until Monday. The weather has been pretty extreme this summer.

It's been pretty chill since getting back to the office. The first day couple of days I left at a decent time since I had dinner plans. I went to another former coworker's wedding banquet last Thursday night. He invited a lot of former coworkers and it was nice to see everyone. I continued to eat a lot of food both that night and Friday night at a hot pot with some other coworkers. I went grocery shopping in the Wan Chai area on Saturday and made some falafel on Sunday. I did some fried and some baked. The fried ones are definitely better. You definitely need to use a lot of spices because otherwise the falafel are just a mush of chickpeas.

Last week was a 4 day work week because Friday is a public holiday for the mid-autumn festival. I managed to come back to make dinner on Monday. Tuesday was more busy because I was helping out with another project. We went to a project dinner on Wednesday night hosted by the contractor. The food wasn't that great but it was really nice to see everyone again. We had two tables of people and the contractor had a good amount of their own people there. There was a lot of jokes and fun small talk at our table. I do miss the people at site because the contractor's people are pretty fun.

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