Sunday, December 11, 2011

Outdoor concert under a lunar eclipse

Apologies in advance for no pictures in this post. I want to finish this quickly so that I can go to sleep and then wake up to go to the gym tomorrow. I've been slacking on this morning gym attendance. I've been keeping track of the number of times I've been to the gym. I read a book where the author kept track of his gym attendance using (total amount spent)/(number of times) to get the amount of money paid per visit. The amount of money paid goes down every time he goes to the gym. His goal was to get the $$/session to be below the one time fee (because otherwise he could have just paid the one time fee every time) and then he can stop going! I have some work to do if I want to follow this.

This weekend was relaxing and eventful at the same time. I didn't do much Saturday morning other than buying my flight to Thailand! So excited for this vacation!! More on this later. I made some blueberry pancakes for breakfast and lunch. I went to Ikea and got one more set of comforter covers. Now my bed is very appealing, with two sets of down covers. Also got another bag of Swedish meatballs. I can't help myself! Then I went to TST for another massage. The masseuse kept saying I'm very stiff and that I needed to relax. I swear I wasn't being tense on purpose.

After this, I found my way to an outdoor concert and met up with a friend there. The place was filled with foreigners and expats. I'm not sure I enjoy being around so many drunk people. We tried to squeeze to the front of the main stage because it was impossible to see anything from the back. People were very tightly packed in. The music wasn't all that great, to be honest. I couldn't really hear much of the music at all, nevermind the lyrics to the songs. Anyway, the cool part was that there was a total lunar eclipse going on. The band on stage pointed it out. We basically got to watch the whole eclipse happen during the performance. The nice part about this event was that they ended it at around 10:30pm so that people can still take public transit back home. I'm very against having to take a cab because we overstayed by 5 minutes. Anyhow, I chatted with friends of my friend on the way back. I suppose I should get more exposed to the expat world here since people's stories are very interesting. Actually, people generally find my story to be pretty interesting and it's always nice to talk about myself. hahaha.

Sunday morning was not very productive either. I did managed to go get my laundry, drop off more laundry, and buy food before coming back and talking to friends and family online. At around 3pm, I really wanted to get out of the house and walk around nature so I took the bus to the monkey mountain again. There were a lot more monkeys and people this time of the day. I think next time I should go earlier. I'm not actually all that fond of the monkeys. So many trails to explore in this region! I have to say, I have a lot more confidence in my hiking abilities after the Inner Challenge.

I didn't hike for too long because I didn't want to be somewhere in the mountains when it got dark. I took the bus back down to the city and went to the gym. I used to really dislike the stationary bikes but then I discovered some that would let me sit very comfortably while reading a book. This made the bikes a lot more appealing. I had dinner at a Japanese place because I really wanted raw salmon. They're so good! Eating fatty stuff without feeling guilty.

I did some massive cleaning after I got back, mostly of the bathroom. Even though my space is not that big, it's still a big effort to clean the entire place in one go. So I switch off between the bathroom, the kitchen, and the rest of the place. I usually find a dead cockroach after I do a lot of cleaning though (usually after I move the couch around). Cockroaches are so gross! We'll see what happens tomorrow morning...

That's all for now. Next week will be my last massage at the massage place I've been going to. And lots of Skype appointments next week.


X said...

It's cool that you get to see the lunar eclipse. I wanted to see here but i think it was in the morning and didn't realize it until too late.

yalu said...

haha you never did like monkeys.. not in indonesia either!

man, most gyms have *really* high one time fees!!

docey101 said...

Hi Lucy...I need a massage. The masseurs/masseuses always say that I should relax and that I'm too tense. But short of being intoxicated, my muscles are always tense. The cold weather in the Bay is giving me all types of aches and pains. :(