Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Okay, I'll try to write shorter entries from now on. Especially since I can't even remember what I wrote. This week is pretty intense, just like all the other weeks.

This week, we have 3 language lessons at the university. I think the lessons are very good. The professor teaching us hardly speaks any English (to us) so it's more like an immersion class. The classes are two hours long in the morning. We've been having trouble getting to the university right at 8am because it's so far away.

After the Indonesian class, we also had a class on the Minang language. I think Indonesian is a cleaned up version of Minang. Minang is a much more interesting language linguistically. It has diphthongs and stops and such. But it's not so useful for us since we don't think we'll be using the language. It's good for us to know something so that if we hear it, we'll know that they're speaking Minang and can guess the Indonesian word.

We've had two more pretty good meetings so far. Work on our seminar next Monday is going ahead at full speed. We've gotten a room at a hotel and everything. It's pretty cheap (relatively speaking) here to run a conference at a hotel.

We're going to Jakarta next week as well. Booked the hotels, decided on flights, and other things. Hopefully things will go well there as well.

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yalu said...

yay shorter entries! there's a lot of info in your entries.

i'm glad you're taking language lessons. it was really useful to learn German in the morning and then practice during the day. i think i made a lot of progress with that language - and since we started at a 1 level, it wasn't as if i could forget huge chunks of grammar, which was good.

have fun in jakarta! how is your project coming along?